2022 AAASE Summer Academy Project Design Presentations

The AAASE Summer Academy Project Design Presentation aims to train students to conduct a team research design project with a mentor from the AAASE academy faculty and staff to provide a solution to an important problem facing the world. Each team is required to identify and justify the problem that came from the students' beautiful minds, conduct literature research for the problem, and present their solutions and findings to the participating academy students, parents, and AAASE board members and judges. The top three presentations with impactful and creative ideas will win the AAASE Summer Academy DDL best presentation awards with $2000, $1500, and $1000, respectively, for the first, second, and third places.

Project 1

Can we Trust Twitter?  

Sophia Chen, 

Archmere Academy, DE

Rebecca Liu, 

Moorestown Friends School, NJ

Sophie Ryan, 

Hackley School, NY

Derrick Wang, 

Garnet Valley High School, PA

Darryl Weng, 

McLean High School, VA

Project 2

NLP: The New Method of Change

Henrik Burda, 

Beachwood High School, OH

John Hu,  

Randolph High School, NJ

Richard Li, 

Mclean High School, VA

Kevin McLeod, 

Albany High School, NY

Matthew Wang, 

Jericho High School, NY

Project 3

Coral and CRISPR: Saving Our Reefs  

Bryan Cheng, 

Peddie School, NJ

Brianna Feldmeier, 

Amador Valley High School, CA

Rebecca Ives, 

Harriton High School, PA

Tianna Wang, 

Tabor Academy, MA

Tienna Zeng, 

Solon High School, OH

Project 4

Tactile Robotic Surgery: The present + future be-lung together

Allison Lin

Montgomery Blair High School

Shane Toscano

Sandy Spring Friends School

Alex Guo

Millburn High School

Angela Xu

Dublin High School

Shuopu Wang

Jasper High School

Project 5

AI Bias – A Detriment to Diversity 

Gary Lin

Morgantown High School

Dennis Yang

Troy High School

Nathan Zhong

River Hill High School

Henry Lai

Dougherty Valley High School

Eileen Wang

Williamsville East High School

Project 6

Not So Super Superbugs  

Evan Kang

Princeton High School

Alec Zheng

iPreparatory Academy

Angela Huang

Ronald Reagan High School

Oliver Xia

Moravian Academy

Laura Tong

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Project 7

Flying Clean (Green)

Rebecca Wang

Archmere Academy

Eva Chen

Williamstown High School

David Zhang

Clear Falls High School

Sophie Li

Unionville High School

Anna Kuang

Beavercreek High School

Project 8

CWastes to Save Energy  

Lilly Ludewig

Princeton High School

Steven Princeton Tao

Lawrence Free State High School

Perryn Chang

Princeton High School

Evan Ru

Langley High School

Matthew Cheng

Princeton High School

Project 9

Early Detection of Glioblastoma Using Quantitative Proteomics of Tear Biomarkers  

Jolene Cao

Smithtown High School East

Kevin Ren

Princeton High School

Jerry Fan

Lakeside High School

Kathie Wang

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

Stephanie X. Wang

Stanford Online High School

Project 10

Green Ammonia

Arthur Dong

Geffen Academy at UCLA

Otto Qian Beall

Plano East Senior High

Nicholas Zhu

Archmere Academy

Jacques Attinger

Ames High School

Jenny Jin

Phillips Academy

These are the exciting presentations by the 2022 AAASE Summer Academy Students, Congratulations!