Student Reflections

Jerry G., Accepted by Stanford University

West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School, IN

The AAASE summer academy provided me with an unparalleled opportunity for exploration and networking. From the first day of the program, I felt welcome by a community of passionate and brilliant students. Listening to industry leaders and groundbreaking researchers share their experiences was an inspiring experience. I enjoyed Professor Nan Yao’s talk on nanomaterials and the opportunity to tour his PRISM lab. My favorite part of the camp was the research project, where my group explored the use of AI for early Alzheimer’s detection. Our mentor, Dr. Palash Sashittal, was willing to help us at every step of the process. Overall, my experience with the AAASE summer academy was nothing short of exhilarating; it has ignited a passion within me for continuous learning and innovation, while allowing me to build lifelong friendships.

Meiya X.

Princeton High School, NJ

The AAASE Summer Academy was the best summer program that I've attended. I am extremely grateful for the exceptional opportunities that the program provided for us to interact with and learn from experts and distinguished figures about the most exciting frontiers in their fields. Whether the topic was quantum materials or metastatic cancer, seeing the passion of these experts for their work was truly inspiring.

Beyond offering enriching lectures, the program created a supportive environment. I was able to meet so many friendly peers from similar backgrounds, and it was a great experience to work on the research project with a group of others who shared my interests. Additionally, the Asian American history, mental health, leadership, and college experience panels were also extremely eye-opening.

I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in expanding their STEM knowledge and connecting with other like-minded students!

Charles T. 

Charter school of Wilmington, DE

My time at the AAASE Summer program was incredibly positive. Despite feeling quite anxious on the first day, I quickly found myself forming new friends from across the nation. Each day brought exposure to a host of intriguing subjects new to me, like quantum computing and bioengineering. Interacting with professors and learning about their groundbreaking research in various fields was captivating. A highlight for me was working on our final project, where my team dived into researching and devising solutions for Alzheimer's. This process not only sharpened my teamwork and presentation abilities but also allowed me to thrive in the camp's welcoming environment. 

Stephanie L.

Providence Day School, NC

AAASE gave me the exciting opportunity to listen to lectures from esteemed professors who are heavily involved in their field. They took great care to simplify their intricate topics to a level suitable for high school students. Despite there being no coursework involved in the camp, I felt like I learned and retained information effectively. The program exposed me to a diverse array of topics ranging from engineering artificial axons to nano-imaging and sustainable material science inspired by trees, along with insights into data science and the science behind itches. With such a condensed yet comprehensive exposure to various subjects, I genuinely felt that my time at this summer camp was well-invested.

Beyond the academic realm, I also had lots of fun meeting new people and making friends. Here, I met lots of people with common interests as me and we kept in touch long after the camp. I was also given the opportunity to enhance and practice my presentation skills with the final group project.

Jeremy H.

Unionville High School, PA

I had an incredible experience at the 2023 AAASE Summer Academy hosted at Princeton University. The engaging lectures opened my eyes to cutting-edge research, with topics like artificial intelligence and technology leaving a lasting impact on me. The most rewarding aspect of the week was collaborating with my teammates on a thought-provoking biomedical engineering project centered on Alzheimer's research. Engaging in detailed literature searches, brainstorming sessions, and group discussions, we delved into the complexities of the subject matter, shedding light on innovative approaches and potential solutions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any high school student with a passion for science and engineering. The opportunity to explore diverse topics, participate in stimulating projects, and connect with peers who share similar interests is truly invaluable. The AAASE Summer Academy at Princeton not only broadened my knowledge but also fostered critical thinking skills and encouraged collaborative learning. This experience has not only enriched my understanding of these subjects but has also equipped me with the tools to navigate future pursuits in STEM areas with confidence. Don't miss out on this transformative journey!

Jessica R.

The Brearley School, NY

The dozens of acclaimed lecturers was nothing short of remarkable. Without exception, every single session (from quantum materials to sustainable energy and drug discovery to human space exploration and all that in between) I attended was both informative and enjoyable. Beyond satiating my general curiosity, it also provided me invaluable professional insights into each of the diverse fields presented upon. I am now able to better envision myself in the STEM space having gained a clearer understanding of what each discipline entails.

Outside of the structured sections of AAASE, the camp attracted many like minded peers who I was able to connect with. The friendships I formed during AAASE have continued beyond the camp's conclusion. The sense of community among the campers made the overall experience even more memorable.

I would wholeheartedly recommend AAASE to any aspiring student interested in STEM fields. Once again, thank you, your team, and all the lecturers for orchestrating such a remarkable and impactful experience.

Eileen W., Accepted by Princeton University

Williamsville East High School, NY

Even before I went to E Quad to attend the very first day of the AAASE Summer Academy, I was already excited and looking forward to meeting all of the presenters and my classmates, as well as visiting Princeton, my dream college. However, when that anticipated first day finally rolled around, I couldn't believe that everything (the accomplished presenters, my friendly classmates, the interesting lectures, and even the food!) could be even better than I had imagined! Aside from giving students the opportunity to attend lectures on STEM topics, Asian American history, leadership, and more, they also provided us with a campus tour and allowed us to conduct our own research projects. This summer camp truly packs all kinds of experiences in just a few short days! Without a doubt, going to the AAASE Summer Academy was one of the best decisions that I could have made, as it stimulated my interest in a variety of STEM fields that I used to find boring or uninteresting, allowed me to connect with students with similar interests, and opened my eyes to a welcoming, supportive community. Highly recommend applying to the AAASE Summer Academy!

Matthew W., Accepted by Columbia University, 

Jericho High School, NY

AAASE offered an extraordinary exploration of a plethora of fields through inspiring and enthusiastic talks and interactions with renowned professors and leaders. Despite the short length of the program, each day was packed with exciting talks that left me with new desires across fields ranging from aerospace, biology, energy, history, data science, and more. Additionally, directly communicating with these experts allowed me to clarify any questions. The other students also heighten this experience. Everyone was friendly and outgoing, allowing everyone to feel included and providing an excellent opportunity to learn about other teens with

similar heritages across the country. This program has helped me further and developed new interests in fields, encouraging me to create new milestones.

Sophie L.

Unionville High School, PA

Attending the AAASE Summer Academy was an experience like no other. I was initially very nervous, but the welcoming environment and people encouraged me to be more confident and share my ideas. In the end, I learned about topics I never thought about and met so many unique people.

I especially felt inspired by the professors because they were so passionate. You could really feel their love for their study when they spoke; it was so inspiring to meet them and learn from their experiences.  My only complaint is that the camp wasn't longer. 

Sophia C., Accepted by Princeton University

Archmere Academy, DE

One of the highlights of the AAASE program is the wide range of topics that participants are exposed to. We received lectures on everything from metastatic cancer to rocket science. This is especially helpful for young people interested in STEM because we were able to gain an in-depth look from the best of the best into various different fields related to science and engineering. With this new insight, we could explore different possibilities and discover what we’re truly passionate about, which is so important for high school students. In addition to extensive coverage of STEM material, there were also several sessions devoted to helping us grow within our communities and our future careers. We learned how to give a good presentation, make connections, and discussed what it meant to be a leader. These supplementary lessons on advocacy, history, and growth really rounded out the AAASE experience. AAASE truly prepared us to become the pioneers of the next generation; not just through knowledge, but also through strong social skills, dedication, and inspiration.