2022 student reflection

From Eileen Wang

Williamsville East High School, NY

Even before I went to E Quad to attend the very first day of the AAASE Summer Academy, I was already excited and looking forward to meeting all of the presenters and my classmates, as well as visiting Princeton, my dream college. However, when that anticipated first day finally rolled around, I couldn't believe that everything (the accomplished presenters, my friendly classmates, the interesting lectures, and even the food!) could be even better than I had imagined! Aside from giving students the opportunity to attend lectures on STEM topics, Asian American history, leadership, and more, they also provided us with a campus tour and allowed us to conduct our own research projects. This summer camp truly packs all kinds of experiences in just a few short days! Without a doubt, going to the AAASE Summer Academy was one of the best decisions that I could have made, as it stimulated my interest in a variety of STEM fields that I used to find boring or uninteresting, allowed me to connect with students with similar interests, and opened my eyes to a welcoming, supportive community. Highly recommend applying to the AAASE Summer Academy!

From Matthew Wang

Jericho High School, NY

AAASE offered an extraordinary exploration of a plethora of fields through inspiring and enthusiastic talks and interactions with renowned professors and leaders. Despite the short length of the program, each day was packed with exciting talks that left me with new desires across fields ranging from aerospace, biology, energy, history, data science, and more. Additionally, directly communicating with these experts allowed me to clarify any questions. The other students also heighten this experience. Everyone was friendly and outgoing, allowing everyone to feel included and providing an excellent opportunity to learn about other teens with

similar heritages across the country. This program has helped me further and developed new interests in fields, encouraging me to create new milestones.

From Sophie Li

Unionville High School, PA

Attending the AAASE Summer Academy was an experience like no other. I was initially very nervous, but the welcoming environment and people encouraged me to be more confident and share my ideas. In the end, I learned about topics I never thought about and met so many unique people.

I especially felt inspired by the professors because they were so passionate. You could really feel their love for their study when they spoke; it was so inspiring to meet them and learn from their experiences. My only complaint is that the camp wasn't longer.

From Sophia Chen

Archmere Academy, DE

One of the highlights of the AAASE program is the wide range of topics that participants are exposed to. We received lectures on everything from metastatic cancer to rocket science. This is especially helpful for young people interested in STEM because we were able to gain an in-depth look from the best of the best into various different fields related to science and engineering. With this new insight, we could explore different possibilities and discover what we’re truly passionate about, which is so important for high school students. In addition to extensive coverage of STEM material, there were also several sessions devoted to helping us grow within our communities and our future careers. We learned how to give a good presentation, make connections, and discussed what it meant to be a leader. These supplementary lessons on advocacy, history, and growth really rounded out the AAASE experience. AAASE truly prepared us to become the pioneers of the next generation; not just through knowledge, but also through strong social skills, dedication, and inspiration.